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Dear Prospective Client,

We welcome you on the website of our COMPANY. Hopefully you didn’t get to us just accidentally, anyway I wish you a useful browsing, and hope that you will find here, thanks to our COMPANY what you are looking for. Probably, you were already once wondering whether the food we are consuming how affects our body and our health. Is it possible to have a healthy diet today anyway? If yes, how and what are we supposed to take into consideration? And should we support medicines, dietary supplements, or certain kinds of healthy food? Do these borderlines exist at all, or the differences are blurred sometimes?

These are questions that many people tried to answer so far, some in a layman’s way, some relying on folk traditions, and here we stand, nutrition scientists, who search for the correct and authentic answers and sometimes even we are surprised by them. Nutritional science has a lot of segments, and lays on the basics of the results of food science, but is linked to medical science by plenty thousands strings. This synergism and multidisciplinary approach is highly necessary for the development of nutritional science.

Our COMPANY considers its mission to constitute a bridge between the boundary areas of nutrition science and medical science. Our approach and activities make it possible to judge our foodstuffs not only on the basis of analytical laboratories’ results, but also by integration and assessment of relevant scientific evidences. Among these scientific proofs in vitro digestion models of biological impacts and human clinical tests play integral part. Within the framework of research and innovation projects implemented and coordinated by our COMPANY, our colleagues and nutrition scientists are taking part in the design and development of special, health protective functional foodstuffs, in analysing of relevant bioactive components, and assessment of the actual physiological impacts. The elaborated, innovative food prototypes are tested by our medical experts in human clinical experiments. These results will obviously and definitely affect the market value of these novel products.

Our COMPANY has been operating since 2011, and is one of the first Hungarian CRO-s (Clinical Research Organization) searching for answers and justification for the abovementioned, nutrition-related questions seriously affecting our society and economy.

We hope you will be one of our satisfied customers who have found the answers to their questions with our help!

Erzsébet Némedi PhD

director, owner