Between 6-8. October, 2017. will take place the 21. World Congress of Clinical Nutrition after four years in Europe, actually in Budapest, where the following main tentative topics will be presented and discussed:

  • Research news in the agriculture and medicine with reference to GM foods and nanotechnology
  • Efficacy and safety of bioactive compounds from plant and animal sources
  • Healthy food processing, suggestions for the industry
  • Nutraceuticals and functional food
  • Research news in the field of medical nutrition
  • Nutrition in preventive and social medicine
  • Pharmaconutrition and natural health products
  • Home enteral and home parenteral nutrition
  • Prebiotics and probiotics in healthy lifestyle management
  • When to eat foods and when to exercise

The experts of Expedit Nodum also will present research news. There will be presented our experiences with human clinical trials of functional foods in Hungary and comparative studies on enzymatic and thermal hydrolysis of distinctive carbohydrates with the aim of obtaining oligosaccharides with enhanced prebiotic features and functional food application perspectives.