Enikő Manek Phd.

external expert

Applied enviromental and material scientist and a chemist. She is an expert in micro- and nanocapsulation techniques, high throughput formulas development methods, encapsulation reactors and platform technology design, and continuous flow microfluidic manufacturing approaches.

She gained experience in EU and US companies specializing in the development and marketing of various nanoformulated drugs, agrochemicals and cosmetics. During this time, major projects were implemented for pharmaceutical, chemical and agrochemical companies, as well as NASA.

She was a board member of the Hungarian section of the American Chemical Society.

She works as a senior researcher and scientific advisor for start-up pharmaceutical companies as well as various nanotechnology, biotechnology, intellectual property and innovation management companies.

Currently, she is affiliated with the College of Medicine and Health Sciences, Khalifa University in the United Arab Emirates, while previously she collaborated with the Florida International University in the US.