Erzsébet Némedi, PhD.

Managing director

Owner of Expedit Nodum, furthermore director of Bureau of Innovation and Project Affairs of the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre (NARIC) till the near future, know leader of the tender team. Research expertise: biotechnologist and nutritional scientist, expert of in-vitro digestion modelling and human related trials. She has several year experiences as CRA, senior clinical research associate, then project manager in pharma companies.


Dr. habil Attila Kiss, PhD.

research director

Chemist and engish-hungarian specialized translator (1996). Director of Institute Food Science Innovation Centre at Kaposvár University. He obtained various experiences as the leader of the Food Science Research Institute of the National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre’s Institute for Food Sciences, EGERFOOD Regional Knowledge Centre, Integrated Research and Service Centre at Eszterházy Károly College.


József Nemes, M.D.

investigator, doctor

Clinical pharmacologist (2007) with specialization in Clinical Laboratory Examinations (1998), expert of leading pharmacology concerns (TEVA Pharmaceutical Works Ltd., Gedeon Richter Ltd.) and CRO enterprises. Clinical trials supervised: Neurology/MS (Phase III), Oncology/Haematology-steam cell transplantation (Phase II)-gen therapy (Phase III), Neurology/MRSA (Phase II), Neurology/Parkinson Disease…

Prof. Béla Gachályi, M.D., PhD, D.Sc.,

investigator, doctor

Professor with specification in clinical pharmacology (1980), internal medicine (1974) and geriatrics (2000); has got his doctorate degree in 1979 and the D.Sc. degree in 1989. He is an expert of clinical studies, author of several protocols on human clinical trials of active agents of medicines. Founder of phase I. studies in Hungary, elaboration of criteria and background of their implementation.

Zita Tóth-Csanádi

operative consultant

In recent years, she has been a number one leader in commercial lines at several major food companies. She gained her experience at Merian Orosháza Ltd., then at Kométa ’99 Ltd., Globus Conservancy Ltd., Univer Product Ltd. During her work she was responsible for developing and implementing the sales strategy of the companies with her team. She supported the research development work of the manufacturing companies by formulating new product proposals.

Ádám Tóth-Kovalik

scientific secretary

3rd year Medical student at Semmelweis University Budapest. After having finished the university he wants to deal with internal medicine. To be more specific, he wants to become a pediatric cardiologist. Because he wants to deal with children, he devotes special attention to the importance of prevention, and one of the most relevant part of it, healthy diet.
Paralel to his university studies, Ádám worked as an application administrator at NFSI kft.


Viola Vonyó

product developer, researcher

BSc in Food Engineering (2016), graduated in Food Safety and Quality Engineering (2018). She has been involved in several functional food projects. During her initial studies charted the market position and consumer perceptions of functional foods. In addition to the food trade and marketing areas, completed the core modul of Preservation technologies and quality assurance.

Veronika Szarka

product developer, researcher

Horticulture BSc. and Food Science and Technology Engineer MSc. with main specialisation in product development and innovation. For years her research subject was Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni plant. She studied the plant from the aspect of horticulture, as a functional plant and food as well. Her study was awarded II. place on the National Scientific Students’ Associations Conference.


Nikoletta Szepesi-Csöndes

nutritionist, food researcher

In her first degree course as agricultural engineer she focused on in herbal plants farming. In 2017 she graduated as dietician at Semmelweis University. Her main interests: diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome and its diet based therapy, food allergies, obesitology. As part of MENŐ MENZA Programme (Cool School Dining) she did educational work among primary school children.


Krisztina Tímea Balogh-Tóth

nutritionist, dietetic expert

Registered dietitian (2014) and nutritionist (2016) with specialization in carbohydrate and lipid metabolic disorders, food allergies, nutrigenomics, nutrigenetics, obezitology and sports nutrition. Experienced in special dietary menu planning and in public catering. Coordinated a national project on the promotion of children catering, cooperated in the National Nutritional…