The Fino has been released on the Hungarian food market some various tasted milks and yogurts with 30% higher protein content. In the Icelandic gastronomy the yogurts, so called Icelandic skyr, has traditionally significantly higher protein content. The special yogurt of Félegyházi Tej has been representing the Hungarian analogue for Icelandic skyr so far, but now the composition of Fino yogurts has a position between the Icelandic skyr and traditional Hungarian yogurts. The other main feature of the Icelandic type yogurts is the minimalized milkfat content. Though the fat content of Fino’s yogurts are not so minimalized, they are lowered. The protein and fat content of the several products are summed up in the table below.  
Product Protein content (g/100 g) Fat content (g/100g)
Traditional milk, yogurt 3,4 0,1; 1,5; 2,8; 3,6
Fino milk 3,9 1
Fino jogurt 4,2-4,5 1,5
Félegyházi skyr 9,3 0,1
Icelandic skyr 11 0,2