Between 4-6. October, 2018 were organized the annual conference of the Hungarian Society of Nutrition in Mezőkövesd.

The topics of the lectures was:

  • Sustainable Food, Challenges and Opportunities
  • New challenges in nutrition science
  • Nutritional Surveys
  • Health conscious nutrition, lifestyle know-how
  • Dietary quality, diet, food choice
  • Food science and technology
  • Clinical trials

Our experts presented the first results of our latest project, focusing on justification of the actual physiological properties of specific honey-based products. We conducted human-clinical, double-blind, randomized, cross-over studies with enriched forest honey by involving volunteers.


The presentations have generated lively discussion, and much professional comments have been raised. We received several questions about our activities, and it was highlighted that the service activities of Expedit Nodum Kft might be regarded as unique. We thank the organizers for making it possible to be part of the illustrious event again.