The propolis, a product of bees, have been utilized in the folk medicine for the prevention and treatment of several infectious diseases for a long while. The biological effects of propolis aroused the interest of the scientific area. Our expert, Dr. Attila Kiss was asked to give a lecture as an invited guest. He and his colleagues implemented comparative studies on diverse propolis samples in order to reveal their antimicrobial feature by means of a novel in vitro human intestinal model. The details and results of the study were presented on the 7th Annual Congress on Probiotics, Nutrition and Microbes hold in Prague, Czech Republic last week, where the „Emerging Trends in Probiotics and Nutrition Research” were highlighted.

Dr. Kiss Attila 1

Probiotics 2018 is a landmark event for the establishment of collaborations and direct knowledge distribution scientists, researchers, academicians, educators, professionals, nutritionists, dieticians, health professionals, sports nutritionists, physicians and students to exchange ideas, develop networks and get acknowledged about the latest research developments from the eminent figures working in the field of probiotics and to help discover the gaps still lying in the research field thereby providing a greater scope towards a better future with even better technologies and therapies for healing human health, animal health, plant health and explore more diversified & innovative applications of probiotics.

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This honorific invitation is an appreciation of the company’s work at the same time. Thanks for the organizer!